Custom Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedges

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The ZipCore changes everything. It's an inside-to-out solution that's elegant in form and function, with unprecedented results.

This unique, low-density core now sits at the heart of RTX. Its effects radiate outward, boosting consistency in every aspect of your short game.

Introducing the new UltiZip Grooves. They're our sharpest yet, so they cut through grass more effectively. Plus, they're packed tightly, so we've added 2 extra grooves per wedge face for more edge contact on every shot.

Yeah, these grooves add spin. But more importantly, they add consistency, so that every lie is a good lie. And every shot behaves as you'd expect, with fewer surprises and more chances to score.

How do you make a longer lasting wedge face? One that plays more rounds with high spin performance?

Easy. Just rearrange the 8620 carbon steel's crystalline grain structure, making it uniform and therefore more durable, while also eliminating impurities, relieving internal stresses, and reducing brittleness.

A measured, timed blast of heat can do wonders for a wedge’s metallurgic properties. Ultimately, it means you’ll love your RTX ZipCore for round after round after round…