RIFE RX5 Chipper 37 Degree

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2 units

The RX5 chipper head has 37° loft which is around the same as an 8-iron.

One key design feature is the wide sole that is cambered like a hybrid to increase forgiveness on even the tightest of lies and gives the RX5 chipper the look of a mallet putter with more loft.
Alignment is always key and to help with this Rife Golf has added alignment lines to the back of the 360 gram head to ensure you are pointing in the right direction.
The pronounced offset on the hosel is there to keep the hands ahead of the ball on contact.
The RX5 chippers’ best range is from 5 to 10 yards off the green or when the ball needs to run up to 40 feet or so when you can’t putt the shot.


  • Right-Handed
  • Wide sole, low center of gravity head design sets up like a putter for ease of use
  • Satin non glare silver glass bead head finish with easy align face score lines
  • Versatile 37 degree loft for use on short bump and run shots, chip shots from 3-5 yards off the green, or even, longer pitch shots from 10 yards out
  • Firm light steel shaft reducing twist on impact
  • Soft feeling rubber compound grip