Spin Groove Wedges - Rife

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2 units

The SPIN GROOVE wedges are premium cast from solid feeling stainless steel and the beveled heel and toe of the sole offer complete versatility in their usage. The traditional, but slightly oversize head shape delivers what every golfer is asking for in short game play.

Each bounce angle of the variant lofts has been paired together to provide the most optimal turf/golfer interaction for the best in shot making.
Their high polish chrome finish helps add to their superior cosmetic appeal.
*Tour Proven head shape
*Select groove pattern for maximum spin
*Firm feel “wedge flex” steel shaft promotes a more penetrating ball flight, increased feel and distance control.
* Soft feel rubber compound Pro Line grip

52 Great loft for mid range approach shots and for all around utility usage
56 Perfect loft for solid control from all types of lies from soft fairways, sand, or thick rough
60 Ideal loft and extra large club face for high trajectory, delicate shots to the green